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Out of the Closet [Monday
Oct 6th, 08 @ 11:39pm ]
[ mood | tired ]

Title: Out of the Closet
Rating: NC-17
Warning: None
No excuses, no apologies, no regrets. Brian Kinney is always honest about himself - well, most of the time. There's one little secret nobody knows about yet - hidden away in a dark corner of his loft. What will happen when it gets in the wrong hands? -This is a gap filler for 1.09/1.10 with some hotness included ;)
Disclaimer: QaF is owned by CowLip. No copyright infringement intended.
Feedback: Feel free to share your thoughts with me :)
Author’s Note: A few months ago a friend from FF discovered that the portrait of the sleeping Brian Justin drew around 1.06 was standing on the dresser in the bedroom when Justin gave Daphne a tour around the loft (1.10). I promised to write a gap filler of Justin discovering the drawing and well, here it (finally) is. Special thanks to Lexi for the banner as well as for always paying close attention to the details and to Do for requesting a gap filler with some hotness included. Hope you'll like it :) Thanks to my wonderful beta galefan4ever *hugs*


Out of the ClosetCollapse )



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Bon Jovi life in Hamburg [Saturday
May 31st, 08 @ 3:30pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

One Wild Night on the Lost Highway

Date: 05-28-08, Place: HSH Nordbank Arena, Hamburg, Germany

I vividly remember my first Bon Jovi concert in Bremen 05-27-1995. I was 16 years old and went there with my father since nobody else applied to accompany me. We had tickets for the seating area and saw the stage from a far distance so the video walls had to do. It was a great concert but it also awoke the wish of being among the crowd one day. Where the special event was celebrated properly - instead of standing among a bunch of middle aged adults who barely knew the lines.

Thirteen years later I was on my way to my sixth Bon Jovi concert - with two Front of Stage tickets in my pocket and my sister in the passenger's seat, all excited and feeling like a teenager again.

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Dec 3rd, 07 @ 8:39pm ]
[ mood | relaxed ]


I hope you're having a great day and got some nice presents. *hugs*

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First entry [Thursday
Nov 22nd, 07 @ 12:23pm ]
[ mood | frustrated ]

First of all I'd like to thank Do for creating that wonderful banner and setting up the layout. My journal would still look pitiful without your help *hugs*. Now I just have to get some icons, make some friends and post entries. Sounds easy – but I’ll probably need an eternity to do it.

I know it's about time to post an entry so I decided to finally start using my journal even though I don't feel I have anything interesting to say.

Only one thing. I hate those people who buy concert tickets and snatch them away from the real fans just to make profit. Some of you already know that I was trying to get concert tickets for the Bon Jovi Tour in 2008. For the front of the stage. Unfortunately all tickets were sold out before I could log in (I wonder how many people accidently ordered ten tickets instead of two). The box office told me the concert agency won’t offer the tickets in question again but since I’m a fan for more than fifteen years now I really wanted to stand close to the stage once in my life so I finally ended up buying them on the net. For twice as much as the original price of course. Yesterday, I took at look at the internet page of the concert agency and guess what: They were offering those front stage tickets again *grrr*. I felt like screaming. Life really sucks sometimes. *pout*

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